Buy at envato's marketplaces using USDT

IF you don't want to pay via card you can use bitcoin or crypto to pay on envato's marketplaces


1. Select an item on,,,,,,
2. Send price amount to 0x3B85D38c3A7AEabABA8B7DEb7a73177688270abC . ETH, BSC, Polygon blockchains accepted. (for example if item price is 100$ send 100 USDT to this address)
3. Send link to TXID and link to an item to or email [email protected]
4. We will send you zip archive back in 24h.


Q: IS this legal? Or it's kind of "nulled script"? A: Yes, it's fully legal, we pay from our internal balance on envato. You recieve archive as is with unique license code and latest version of product.

Q: Can i trust you?

A: See our envato profile, this is an envato Elite autor with logn history and tons of product released.